Recent News from the American Society for Legal History

The Docket is pleased to bring you the latest news and announcements from the American Society for Legal History. Readers can consult the Society’s website and twitter feed for more details.

2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History will take place November 5-6, 2021, at the InterContinental New Orleans, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Society’s announcement and website with further information on the conference is below:

In 2021, the ASLH Meeting is headed to New Orleans! The conference will be held at the InterContinental Hotel, just steps away from the historic French Quarter and the riverfront. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Preyer Scholars: Naama Maor and Teal Arcadi

Named after the late Kathryn T. Preyer, a distinguished historian of the law of early America known for her generosity to early career legal historians, the program of Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars is designed to help legal historians at the beginning of their careers. At the annual meeting of the Society two early career legal historians designated Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars will present what would normally be their first papers to the Society. The generosity of Professor Preyer’s friends and family has enabled the Society to offer a small honorarium to the Preyer Scholars and to reimburse, in some measure or entirely, their costs of attending the meeting. The competition for Preyer Scholars is organized by the Society’s Kathryn T. Preyer Memorial Committee.

The 2021 winners of the Preyer Prize are Naama Maor, who is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago, and Teal Arcadi, who is a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University. Maaor’s paper, “In Search of the ‘Real Culprits’: The Adult Delinquent in a Progressive Era Juvenile Court,” examines the jurisdictional questions and moral quandaries that surrounded several thousand prosecutions of adults in Denver’s Juvenile Court during the early twentieth-century. Arcadi’s submission, “Concrete Leviathan: Interstate Highway Litigation and the Clash of Experts and Citizens in Modern America,” explores how litigation surrounding the rise of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways created a movement to protect open spaces at the expense of poor and minority urban communities. Maaor and Arcadi will be presenting their papers on a panel at the 2021 ASLH Annual Meeting, with comments by Professor Joanna L. Grisinger of Northwestern University and Professor Karen M. Tani of the University of Pennsylvania.

J. Willard Hurst Institute in Legal History Meeting, June 13-26, 2021

Professor Lauren Benton and Sarah Barringer Gordon led the 2021 meeting of the J. Willard Hurst Institute in Legal History this past June 13-26, 2021. The early career scholars who were selected to participate in the Institute’s proceedings were:

Lauren Catterson (Hendrik Hartog/Princeton University Fellow), PhD candidate, University of Toronto
Jon Connolly (Morton Horwitz Fellow), Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Chicago
Hardeep Dhillon (Harry Scheiber Fellow), ABF-NSF Post-Doctoral Fellow in Law and Inequality
Zachary Herz (Charles McCurdy/University of Virginia Law School Fellow), Assistant Professor, University of Colorado.
Naama Maor (Mary Frances Berry Fellow), Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Ángela Pérez-Villa (Rebecca Scott Fellow), Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University
Sarath Pillai (Hurst Alumni Fellow), PhD candidate, University of Chicago
Jake Subryan Richards (David Seipp Fellow in English Legal History), Assistant Professor, London School of Economics
Geneva Smith (Robert Gordon Fellow), PhD candidate, Princeton
Lila Teeters (William Nelson Fellow), PhD candidate, University of New Hampshire
Lauren MacIvor Thompson (Reva Siegel Fellow), lecturer, Perimeter College
Kent Weber (Barbara Welke Fellow), post-doctoral fellow, Dartmouth