Teaching Legal History

“Teaching Legal History”: A Special Project of The Docket

The editors of Law and History Review are pleased to announce a new special project of The Docket, the journal’s new digital companion. “Teaching Legal History” will serve as a resource for faculty to support and share winning approaches to teaching legal history, the social and cultural history of law, and related subfields. We plan to build and maintain a syllabus repository and produce rotating features showcasing innovative course designs and offering faculty or graduate student instructors a venue to share insights about developing courses, building a reading list and assignments, and overcoming challenges of teaching in this interdisciplinary field. We seek to help instructors share knowledge about teaching and improve and expand the teaching of legal history in law schools, history departments, and beyond.

We will be ecumenical in the courses we feature, and may highlight courses aimed at law, history, or general undergraduate students. We are interested in core and foundational courses and explorations of special topics, and hope to share stories of successful teaching experiments and those evolving toward success through challenges.

Interested contributors should send a brief bio, syllabus, and a description of the student audience (e.g. law students, history graduate students, undergraduates), or questions about the project, to lhrdocketeditor@gmail.com.