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Hey, #twitterstorians, law profs, & others interested in #LegalHistory: look who's on Twitter! Follow @ASLHtweets for the latest from the ASLH, including info related to the upcoming annual meeting #ASLH2019. [Other good follows for similar content: @legalhistory @LHR_editor] https://t.co/vIGlf5SV6S

Law and History Review is pleased to announce that LHR 37.4 (November, 2019) is in the mail and available online https://t.co/8k1xSyTK6R. Here's our twitter friendly table of contents:

Kalyani Ramnath @kalramnath, Prize Fellow at Harvard Center for History and Economics, and author of a forthcoming article in @history_law, with a great thread on Courtrooms as #spacesoflaw! @Harvard_History https://t.co/kEcbtjUDtK

Law and History Review would like to congratulate @marthasjones_ for receiving @AHAhistorians Littleton-Griswold Prize for her book Birthright Citizens: A History of Race and Rights in Antebellum America (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2018) https://t.co/PSvPe7jD5y

Dudziak's "The Limits of Good Faith: Desegregation in Topeka, Kansas, 1950-1956" in @history_law remains one of the few works on the process of desegregation in Topeka. (I'm really looking forward to Charise Cheney's forthcoming book on the subject: https://t.co/m24QUnnMFd)

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