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In response to numerous inquiries, we are pleased to announce that @TBrownNagin's history of #TheResistance is now open access for the next month! https://t.co/OcQnsfkZXk @legalhistory @zeldenprof @gauthamrao @TheDocketLHR

New issue of #Law and #History Review now available https://t.co/x80PyCkmnG #twitterstorians @history_law

New issue of #Law and #History Review now available https://t.co/I9oxZKqjYN #twitterstorians @history_law

“Lawless Wars of Empire? The International Law of War in the Philippines, 1898–1903”
— Will Smiley’s new article just out in Law and History Review @history_law https://t.co/cUrkbTm4XJ

Brilliant from Will Smiley on history of law of war: U.S. reinterprets laws of armed conflict to assert cultural superiority while still authorizing fierce and summary violence. Empire advances "not only by avoiding the law, but by interpreting it." https://t.co/NivKp80G48

Check out Mariana Dias Paes and Pedro Cantisano’s article in @history_law Legal Reasoning in a Slave Society (Brazil, 1860–88) https://t.co/l2YIRjpQ6B

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