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Don’t miss our interview with @BlochOfra! Details below!

My article is on C19 Belize but the story is familiar. In response to a movement of people fleeing conflicts and crossing the border, British authorities used humanitarian language around protection & asylum to consolidate white settler colonialism and expansion of imperial rule https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1378089384482893824

Some awesome stuff in the latest @TheDocketLHR: Claude Moise and @MalickGhachem on the constitutional crisis in Haiti, discussions of new articles by @CaseyLurtz @VMongey @CatherineFisk1 @BlochOfra, review of @ronitstahl's new book, and announcements by @ASLHtweets! https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1378089383522410497

We are pleased to announce the publication of our March, 2021 issue (volume 4, issue 1), featuring interviews, articles, and more! https://lawandhistoryreview.org/issue/march-2021/

A pleasure to comment on Rebecca Scott. Dignity as a constitutional value seems more important than ever these days. https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1346490087551496193

The latest issue of the Docket is here! We begin w/ Jonathan Chu's personal history of his aunt, Rose Quon Young. Chu discovered her immigration documents locked in a safe and pieced together the complicated story of her citizenship from the Republic of Hawai’i to the US

Thanks to all of the panelists for their deeply engaging papers, and to all of the panel attendees for their thought-provoking questions about materiality, objects, and legal history!

Join @ASLHtweets for the rest of today and tomorrow's panels. Info at: https://aslh.net/conference/2020-annual-meeting/

Before the panel wraps up, be sure to follow @BiancaPremo, @SanneRbergen, @kalramnath, Professor Yannakakis (https://www.powerofattorneynative.com/), and Laurie Wood (https://clionaute.com/) for more on their research, past and forthcoming scholarship.

#ASLH2020 #twitterstorians

Several questions posed again about the intersection of linguistics, legal force and legitimacy, and legal spaces.

Where could further exploration of the intersection between them take the historiography in the near future? Comment below! #ASLH2020 #twitterstorians

Professor Yannakakis: possession of land matters in legal terms up until conflict between claimants arise. Then, titles to land take on legal force. A "continuum," not a dichotomy of legal ownership. #ASLH2020 #twitterstorians

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