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Apologies for the multiple notifications, @dee_linquent @MagdaleneZier ! We are attempting to load all of your tweets into a module for a Docket post for December, but didn't realize the automation actually likes tweets one by one. We've shut it down and will an alternative

.@Inge_van_hulle presenting her latest OUP book on the history of international law in W-Africa for @TheDocketLHR


Thanks @TheDocketLHR for giving me a chance to talk about my book! https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1417142811846234116

Longtime followers know that I have been a champion of this forthcoming book from @ColumbiaUP since @jessetarbert let me read a draft. It’s fantastic. You can get a preview of some of its major argument in this great interview @TheDocketLHR! https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1417142811846234116

I wrote a summary of a fantastic event on originalism for @TheDocketLHR. Hopefully, “Originalism Across Legal Traditions” sparks more conversation on legal foundationalism outside the US and orginalism’s connections to other legal movements. https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1417142813200879624

I can hardly express how honored I am to be selected as a Preyer Scholar. Can't wait to head to New Orleans for #ASLH2021 and join @NaamaMaor, @jlgrisinger, and @kmtani on the panel! https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1417142814572531718

Law and History Review (@history_law) is pleased to announce the latest issue of The Docket @TheDocketLHR, vol. 4, issue 2 w/articles, an interview, and announcements by the American Society for Legal History @ASLHtweets #legalhistory #twitterstorians

Don’t miss our interview with @BlochOfra! Details below!

My article is on C19 Belize but the story is familiar. In response to a movement of people fleeing conflicts and crossing the border, British authorities used humanitarian language around protection & asylum to consolidate white settler colonialism and expansion of imperial rule https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1378089384482893824

Some awesome stuff in the latest @TheDocketLHR: Claude Moise and @MalickGhachem on the constitutional crisis in Haiti, discussions of new articles by @CaseyLurtz @VMongey @CatherineFisk1 @BlochOfra, review of @ronitstahl's new book, and announcements by @ASLHtweets! https://twitter.com/TheDocketLHR/status/1378089383522410497

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